Traveler Wellness: Exercise for Back Pain

The Egosque Method teaches some of my favorite exercises to address back pain. I discovered the method 4 years ago when I injured my back snowboarding. I’d hit an icy patch and caught my edge, pile-driving my sacrum (that triangular section of spine situated above the tailbone) into the ground. My helmet protected my head, but I lay there on the ground, hot surges and waves of nausea coursing through me, thinking I’d broken my back.

Fortunately nothing was broken; but the next 4 weeks of gimping around the weight room and asking my clients to help me get their weights did bruise my personal trainer ego just a bit. It was a frustrating, painful time, but one which I credit for helping me discover new methods of coming out of pain.

Formerly in the armed services, physical therapist and movement originator Pete Egosque has the philosophy that each of us has the power to heal ourselves. He tells patients not to place the power of healing them in his hands, but to take hold of that power and take responsibility for their own bodies. Pete teaches simple movements that can be done every single day, both as treatment and prevention. Here’s a move for all of you who hurt.



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