Learn to Breathe with Max Strom

Why Learn to Breathe

Here are a few questions to ponder:

If breathing exercises help women get through delivery pains, why isn’t everyone in pain being taught to breathe?

If deep breaths can calm the mind and relax the body, how can we use it as a tool in our every day life?

I stumbled upon Learn to Breathe by Max Strom in a Santa Monica, CA Yoga studio 2 years ago and practiced along to the DVD. Once I realized how good it made me feel, I started incorporating a few breathing exercises into my work with clients on fitness retreats and received a great response. A month ago I jumped at the opportunity to learn from Max in person at the InnerIDEA fitness conference in La Quinta, CA.

I’ll leave you with a powerful statement from Max, as well as a clip from his DVD, Learn to Breathe:

“The time for pretending the mind, body, and emotions are separate is over.”

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