Core Fitness in Santa Barbara

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘core fitness’? Did you know that an effective ‘core’ workout consists of more than old-school crunches and sit ups?

A well-rounded core workout combines exercises that strengthen the back, butt, legs, and last but not least, the abs. Every person, from every age and background, can benefit from a regular program of core fitness exercises.

Sol Fitness Adventures personal trainer Melanie Webb brings a new brew of core fitness to Santa Barbara with her “Core Fitness Fusion.” Rather than follow one formulaic training method, Core Fitness Fusion is a smooth blend of strength training, yoga, floor Pilates, and Foundation exercises. Participants strengthen the back, butt, legs and abs in a dynamic group setting. Class regulars have decreased back pain, gained rotation in their golf swing, and lost inches off their waistline.

Taught at the Montecito Country Club,  members and nonmembers alike are invited to attend this dynamic group exercise class.


What: Melanie Webb’s Core Fitness Fusion

Where: Montecito Country Club, located at 920 Summit Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

When: Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 am

Members: $15/class

Nonmembers: $20/class

For more information email, or call 805.722.4599

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