Cycling Trip Training

Cycling Trip Training

Joining Sol Fitness Adventures with cycling trip training tips is ‘Mo,’ a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor who has been building better athletes in Austin, Texas since 1997. Her passion for fitness and infectious personality keep her clients motivated and dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An endurance athlete, Maurine has competed in Ironman Canada, ridden her bicycle on coast-to-coast adventures across the USA, Italy, and Kauai. A cycling enthusiast dedicated to commuter and fitness riding, Maurine shares the skills, knowledge and gifts, either earned or learned through her escapades, with all around her. Welcome, Maurine!

Maurine’s Top Training Tips

Start Your Training Now

1. Prevent Saddle Shock
Spend at least 6 hours each week on a bike, preferably on your road bike (but a spinning class or two can substitute) with three back-to-back days of riding.

Sample Training Week:

  • Sunday: 15 mile road ride
  • Monday: 60 min spin class
  • Tuesday: Yoga/swim/weights (pick one)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 60 min spin class
  • Friday: Yoga/swim/weights (pick one)
  • Saturday: 15 mile road ride

2. Build Your Mileage
Add 2-5 miles each week to your road rides in the example week above until you can easily ride 50 miles (or more!)

3. A Plank-a-Day
Build the arm and core strength necessary for proper cycling by spending a few minutes on the mat each day in straight arm plank position. Hold as long as you can, working up to 3 minutes. Visit Sol’s Traveler Wellness blog posts for proper tips to begin.

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