Demolition Derby Dis-pair


Whoa, dag! I missed one of my favorite adventures of the season – the demolition derby in southern Maryland. Never mind the junker cars that remind me of my high school parking lot, the big bouncing ball car volleyball game, or the enraged driver fist-fights, it’s the plumbers-bumbs and beer bellies that I go to watch. Lucky for me a friend shared his favorite pictures of the night – complete with crevices deeper than the grand canyon and cleavage that could hide a footlong hotdog.

What is the deal, America? When did we decide to sit back and become the world’s most gluttonous generation of all time?

Forget all the political talk of healthcare reform; what we need is mindset reform. Let’s implement a little proactivity and take a walk for a change. Or better yet, buy some fresh produce from the local farmers market instead of gorging ourselves on cheetos and yet another six-pack of cheap beer. Perhaps those who continue to choose these unhealthy lifestyles can bear the financial brunt of rising health care costs, while those who make healthy choices are incentivised with lower insurance premiums. What do you think?

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