Flexibility for Travel

Flexibility is a key component of any fitness program, and may take on even more importance to someone who travels often and sits at a desk for work. All that sitting will result in shortened, tightened hamstrings (on the upper part of the back side of the leg), piriformis (deep in the hip socket), hip flexors (in front of the hip) and pectoralis (chest). Before you know it you’ve got back pain and can’t stand up straight anymore.

Don’t give in! This simple stretch feels good and can be done anywhere. Just watch your backside if you’re wearing a skirt…

Week One, Day Five: Downward Facing Dog

Start: From plank position (see Day Four), push the hips up toward the sky. Allow the heels to fall to the ground. You may need to walk the hands closer to the feet.

Finish: Bring the chest closer to the legs. Pull the knee caps toward the hips. Look up at your belly button. Let the heels sink closer to the ground. Breathe. Hold for 3 long breaths and work up to 6 breaths. Return to the knees and rest.

Melanie Webb demo's Downward Facing Dog


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