Foundation Workout

Foundation Workout

I don’t often promote one method of training over another, but the Foundation workout is worthy of a post. And for those who think I just like to post pics of myself with hot men touching the small of my back – think again! I knew I’d stumbled upon a legitimate technique when, half-way through my first class by Eric Goodman at Platinum’s Summerland, California location back in 2010, I felt my back muscles build so much tension that they began to shake. Gaining this level of fatigue in my muscles using only the resistance of my body usually requires minute adjustments and a trainer who knows how to target my weaknesses.

But Foundation is a nicely packaged routine of exercises that focus on the posterior side of the body – from the ground on up to the cervical spine. The premise of Foundation is that by improving the mobility of the hips through a combination of strengthening and flexibility exercises, the function of the back improves. The end result is a legitimate method of both treating and preventing back pain.

I’ve been a regular at the classes now for over 3 months, and through hours of study with Foundation’s originator, Eric, I’ve begun using the method with my own clients with much success. Anyone in the Santa Barbara area will benefit by making a point to attend a class. And for the rest of you hungry for real back exercises you can do anywhere, keep your eyes peeled – a book and DVD’s on the way!


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