Gear Review: Guerrilla Tag ID System for Athletes

Every once in a while I stumble upon a piece of gear that I not only want, but that I actually need. Home base is in the middle of nowhere on the Utah/Arizona border. In the last six months I’ve stand up paddled in Bali, Indonesia; watched the Baja 250 motorcycle race in San Felipe, Mexico; cycled across Texas Hill Country and California Wine Country; and disappeared into the Utah wilderness on a regular basis while guiding and training adventure travelers.

I always make sure that I know who to call if one of my guests is injured. But what about me? What happens if, God forbid, the guide has an accident? With my Guerrilla Tag ID bracelet I feel reassured that if something happened to me, my guests would be able to easily get the help they need.

Kyle, the Founder of Guerrilla Tags, sent me my bracelet about two weeks ago. It was perfect timing for a few solo stand up paddle sessions on Lake Powell, an off-road Jeep trip to scout my next trip into the Parunuweap Wilderness Study Area, and an overnight camping trip to Coral Pink Sand Dunes. With my name, emergency phone numbers and medical allergies printed right on my wrist, I feel like I can leave the wallet in the car. And, what makes the ID bracelet even better is the look and feel of the leather and gold plate inscription. I can flip it to the underside of my wrist and it looks like an expensive leather cuff.

Protect yourself! Purchase your very own Guerrilla Tag ID System for Athletes here.

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