Holistic Body Treatments: Rolfing

Have you ever met someone who’d just been ‘rolfed?’ Well now you have. I’ve discovered my new favorite holistic approach to healing the body: ROLFING. Dr. Ida Rolf began the body alignment technique over 50 years ago. The process of rolfing re-organizes and re-shapes the body by releasing tension and changing the destructive effects of accumulated stress and habitual movement patterns.

I just had my third visit. After the first I was breathing more fully, and I became more aware of the way I carried my shoulders. Old injuries were less apparent. After my second visit I felt myself walking on my feet and toes in a completely new way, and it felt good. The pain in my knee from the Baker’s cyst and the tight IT bands was less noticeable. Today was my third session, and I can feel myself standing a little taller, with my shoulders drawn back.

Are you interested in improving your alignment and overall health? I suggest you meet Bill, the newest addition to my team of talented body workers.

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