Melanie Webb Featured in the IDEA Fitness Journal

IDEA Fitness Journal and Mother Nature’s Gym:

Discovering the Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Why are we so excited about exercising in the outdoors anyway? Sol Wellness Travel Expert Melanie Webb, featured in May’s IDEA Fitness Journal, presents the science behind your body playing in water, in a forest, and why you might want to unplug a little more often. Discover why using the natural outdoors as a space to play and recreate effectively lowers systolic blood pressure, creates cascades of ‘feel good’ hormones, and simply makes you feel good.

Mother Nature’s Gym is an article that shares the years of experience we’ve gained leading health & wellness-minded fitness retreats along with the latest scientific discoveries. Our fitness peers will learn the basics requirements of Risk Management, How to Partner with the Outdoor Industry, and Program Design. We invite fitness professionals to join with us in this effort to share our passion for health and wellness by giving people a lifestyle of activity rather than just another institutionalized workout. We’re honored to have Melanie’s work featured in IDEA Fitness Journal alongside world leaders in the industry.

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Click on MotherNaturesGym – IDEA to download and read Melanie’s ground-breaking article.

Stay tuned for our special announcement for fitness pros who want to venture outdoors — coming soon!




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