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InsideTracker and Sol Fitness Adventures have partnered to deliver the most personalized nutrition plans to date. No more trendy diets, gurus, or guesswork. Now you can know exactly what nutrients your body needs to improve athletic performance, feel better, and defy the aging process. One simple blood test and specific recommendations are designed by medical experts just for you. You’ll see exactly where your nutrient levels lie on the spectrum of health and know what steps you can take to feel better – the natural way.

If your personal trainer or Cross-Fit coach is designing specific meal plans without scientific analysis or the proper credentials, they are outside the scope of their practice. You need Inside Tracker.

We’ve been searching for a tool this good in years. We’re the leader in fitness retreats and our scope of practice in nutrition only goes so far. With Inside Tracker we’ll be coaching our clients to improved health & wellness in an entirely new way.

Why do we care? A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue – commonly known as a stress syndrome. My energy levels were in the tank, my libido was gone and my muscle mass was disintegrating. I found a nurse who ordered blood work and saliva samples and began treating me with natural supplements and whole foods. I read books, took the doctor’s orders and made the necessary changes to my work pace and lifestyle. It was an expensive but necessary life change.

Now, a year later, I feel a lot better. By body looks lean again, I’m sleeping through the night, and I’m still trying to keep up on my nutrition. I’m not 100%, as you can see by my iron levels. Now with InsideTracker I can measure progress on my own time. No more waiting 6 weeks to see the doctor and ordering expensive tests. Now I have access to tens of thousands of recipes, and I love looking at my real-life results!

Contact Sol at to receive your special discount, and start feeling better now!

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