Lake Powell Burn it Down Summer

Planning your Lake Powell vacation? Just getting to Wahweap Lake Powell was an adventure for Caskey and Mick Ebeling and their three boys, ages 8, 6, and 2. Here are two points Mick wants you all to know when you set out on your next epic road trip:

  1. It doesn’t matter how thick the pad is when you change a tire on an Arizona highway in July – you will still burn your knees.
  2. Remember, after you change the spare tire on your trailer, you have to stop to tighten the lug nuts after driving 10 miles.

Unfortunately, Mick learned these two important travel tips the hard way. Fortunately, the family got to enjoy good samaritan Angel Rick’s balloon tricks and learn more about Route 66 while spending all afternoon getting their trailer repaired.

Unfortunately, the family spent their first night in a hotel hours from the soothing Milky Way expanse they’d planned on sleeping under. Fortunately, they launched from Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell yesterday to embark on the first leg of what son Angus refers to as, “the best summer vacation ever!”

We like the way you think, Angus! Stay tuned for more epic Burn it Down Summer updates as the Ebeling Family and Sol’s adventure travel fitness expert Melanie Webb embark on a 5 week multi-sport extravaganza.


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