Athletic Wear

Many a New Year’s resolution is made to embrace a healthy lifestyle. People sign up for yoga and Pilates classes, work with a personal trainer like Sol Fitness Adventures, or adopt a new and vigorous hobby, such as snowboarding.

A key point to remember is that exercise is not what it used to be – it is no longer a quick jog around the block in old cotton sweatpants and a t-shirt. The clothing and accessories that accompany exercise have come a long way, baby. If you spend a significant amount of time doing an activity, it is only right that you look the part. Many brands have created the perfect clothing for every activity.

Thanks to the popularity of extreme sports, it is easy to look stylish and be perfectly comfortable during winter sports. The essential item for snowboarding is a jacket. The key feature to look for is a good lining to keep in warmth. Today’s jackets are often adorned with many pockets and key clips to carry all the extras. Rip Curl and Animal create fantastic jackets in highly desirable designs.

Two essential accessories to stay safe and comfortable during winter sports are gloves and hats. The material of the gloves needs to be suitably strong such as Gortex or Durathane and they need to be waterproof. Hats come in many different styles and forms, like the beanie, and many of these are suitable as long as they provide warmth.

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