Mindset Activities for the Sol

Alright, you’ve had 3 weeks to work on personal transformations. Muddy Shoe Adventure’s own Michael Bennett is back with his 4th and final chapter of Mindset Activities for the Sol. If you just joined the conversation, you can start with Week 1 and work your way here. If you think these exercises were transforming, wait til you catch Muddy Shoe in action with Sol Fitness Adventures in person – coming in 2013, stay tuned!

WEEK 4: What’s your plan to get there?

Simply having a clear vision of the future won’t make that vision a reality. Although the journey towards realizing your vision can take weeks, months, even years, you must start somewhere. This reminds me of the question: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This week, your challenge is to identify 3 simple actions that you can take TODAY that will put you that much closer to manifesting your vision.

Activity: Take a few minutes to identify 1 thing that you can START doing TODAY that will get you started on your journey to the vision or goal that you described last week. Next, think about 1 thing that you can STOP doing TODAY that will enable you to begin the journey. Finally, choose 1 thing that you must CONTINUE doing – something that you are already doing/great at – that will push you closer to your vision.


Michael Bennet
Michael Bennett of Muddy Shoe Adventures


Michael is the founder and managing director of Muddy Shoe Adventures, a travel company dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and fostering personal transformations through purposeful adventure travel experiences. Michael earned his doctorate from Pepperdine University, where his research focused on transformative learning as a result of adventure travel experiences.

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