Mindset Activities for the Sol

Transformational travel expert Michael Bennett is back in Mindset Activities for the Sol. This is the second in a four part series of tips for living a passionate and purposeful life.

WEEK 2: Where are you?

Similar to Week 1, where we talked about a disconnection from ourselves, this week we will talk about another type of disconnection: Our disconnection from reality. For most of us, our lives are a jumbled mess of constructed meanings and interpretations that stem from events that inherently have no meaning. In other words, we create meaning from life’s events, and then we make them our ‘reality.’ If we can get clear on what IS versus what is made up in our lives, we can begin the process of seeing what is possible in our lives.

Activity: Take 15 minutes to tell the story of your life as it is right now. Do your best to remove any constructed meanings or interpretations and focus solely on what IS. For example, ‘I am a father, I am a writer, I live in Los Angeles,’ etc. Focus on facts and write as much down as possible. Leave editorial comments or other qualifiers out of your story.


Michael Bennet
Michael Bennett of Muddy Shoe Adventures


Michael is the founder and managing director of Muddy Shoe Adventures, a travel company dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and fostering personal transformations through purposeful adventure travel experiences. Michael earned his doctorate from Pepperdine University, where his research focused on transformative learning as a result of adventure travel experiences.

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