Open Air Demo

Open Air Demo at Outdoor Retailer Show


Sharing a day in the life of Sol Fitness Adventures in film. This week: Open Air Demo Day at the Outdoor Retailer Show at Pineview Reservoir in Utah.

Now I get why my friends keep telling me I have the best job ever – because it’s true! There’s magic when you can take your passion and make it your method of earning a living. Suddenly you’re not just ‘going to work’ every day, you’re sharing what brings you joy and energy and excitement with others. In my case, this means showing people how to play outside again. Our society tells us that outdoor play is just for kids, that it isn’t what ‘sophisticated’ people do, that adults go to work and use mind play to relax. I beg to differ. Take a glimpse at how adding an outdoor activity to your tool box of ways to relax is one of the best things you can do for your your health – and happiness!

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