Oprah Visits Yosemite National Park, California


I’m still on a kick about Oprah’s camping trip to Yosemite. She and BFF Gayle went camping in Yosemite National Park to investigate why only 1% of the 280 million visitors a year are black. It made me think of Bobby, a native son of Washington D.C., who came on Sol Fitness Adventures Zion National Park outskirts backpacking trip. A good friend, I teased Bobby that he was the first black man in history to explore the backcountry on the outskirts of Zion. The crazy thing is, I think I was right!

One of the readers commented that Oprah was way out of touch with the black community, that he/she knew many people who camp and fish. I know that when I lived in D.C., the Potomac River at Haines Point was a popular fishing destination. I also saw 8 year olds scream at the sight of a butterfly in my urban garden. But this was D.C., urban center, miles away from anything remotely resembling wilderness. Even most of my white friends could care less about exploring into the wild!

I’d like to hear from my black friends. Why don’t black folks spend more time taking outdoor adventure trips in America? Do you think Oprah’s camping trip to Yosemite will succeed in encouraging blacks to take more trips to America’s National Parks?

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