Oprah’s Camping Trip to Yosemite National Park, California

Did you see Oprah’s camping trip to Yosemite episode? She and BFF Gayle went camping in Yosemite National Park and learned the basics of campfire cooking, how to bear-proof camp, shmooze camp neighbors, and even fly fish.

Oprah’s website received many comments from outdoor enthusiasts around North America. Some comments criticized that RV camping didn’t count and that it’s not a real wilderness experience unless you explore the backcountry. I agree that backpacking outside of official park boundaries, sleeping in a cozy sleeping bag on the ground to watch the night stars, and wildlife watching up close and personal is the pure essence of camping. But I have to praise Oprah and Gayle for leaving their urban comfort zones and taking an outdoor adventure to one of America’s National Parks.

Of course these ladies had an entire team in the campground ready to help. But if they had wanted to go to the backcountry in search of that pure wilderness experience, they would have needed someone to show them the ropes. This is exactly what Sol Fitness Adventures specializes in. Outdoor guide and California personal fitness trainer Melanie Webb and her crew are the experts at introducing newcomers to the outdoors. If you’re thinking about trying a new outdoor pursuit, contact us about how we can help you get ready.

Sol’s exclusive Adventure Travel Preparation Service includes:

  • Research of your trip destination and collaboration with tour operators
  • Personal physical training to prepare for the specific demands of outdoor exercise
  • Education on nutrition, hydration, and supplements, with sampling to fit your body’s performance needs
  • Instruction on proper gear selection and use, including personal shopping
  • Private pre-trips to simulate and train for you destination.

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