Outdoor Products Top 10 Includes Sol Guide

I’m excited to share some good news! Our Sol Guide: Online Training for Your Next Fitness Trip placed in the Top 10 Finalists in Utah’s 2015 Outdoor Products Innovation “Concept to Company” Contest!


Melanie Webb Sol Guide
Sol Guide Hits the Top 10 in Outdoor Products

“What’s Sol Guide?” you may ask. Well, I was approached by a major fitness organization to create a certification to share Sol’s methods with others. So….I did! The end result is a cutting-edge, online, interactive learning platform complete with 40 exercise videos, the latest science of what happens to your body outdoors, games for kids, and much more.

It turns out that writing the course was the easy part. Taking an online learning outdoor product┬áto market has been an entirely different challenge! Everyone knows that Utah is home to spectacular landscapes, but what they may not know is that it’s also a hub for outdoor products and manufacturing. For the Utah business community to place us in the Top 10 is a nod that giving others the education to reclaim that wild, instinctive, necessary part of being human – outdoor adventure – is, in their words, “one of the most innovative and meritorious among all the entrants.”

While we didn’t win the grand cash prize award, we’re an online shopping cart (and possibly a crowdfunding campaign) away from seeing Sol’s methods help people around the world get reconnected to their bodies and the outdoors. Thank you as always for your friendship and support on my small business journey!

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