Paddle Boarding the Mid-Atlantic

Look out, Laird Hamilton! I think I found my new toy – the paddleboard.

My friend Amie and I had just hiked the Billy Goat Trail, a wild little gem on the outskirts of D.C., when we spotted a guy with ripped-up arms gliding across the pond on a board. He looked like he was in a very “zen” state of mind paddling the calm water, surrounded by green. It turned out that this was Greg, the director of Potomac Board Rats, and he was cool enough to let me try out his new ride.

I was hooked from the minute I stood up. Being more of a mountain girl – I’ve never even tried surfing – I figured my snowboarding prowess would come in handy. Not to mention all the work I’ve been doing to strengthen my ‘core muscles’ – the glutes, low back and abdominals. Paddleboarding felt like the ultimate core exercise. I was outside, using all of my major muscle groups, and focusing intently so I wouldn’t fall in.

Now, how to go about acquiring my own board and rigging it on the VW Golf…

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