Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is said to be the land of “a million different journeys.” I have yet to arrive and I already agree. Over the course of the last three weeks my hair has turned gray as changes in my travel plans occurred almost daily. Planning this trip has become a good reminder that sometimes the best we can do is just roll with the punches and adapt to the ever changing situation with a good laugh.

Given the abundance of interesting towns, villages and things to do and see in Papua, I narrowed my focus to four places that truly excited me:

  • Wewak on the northern coast,
  • Milne Bay and the small town of Alotau,
  • Rabaul on the Island of East New Britain, and
  • Tufi, a very small destination in the Oro Provence

Papua New Guinea

Ultimately, for a wide variety of reasons including safety, flight schedules (or the lack thereof!) and airport closures due to random volcanic activity, three of my top four destinations were scratched off the list. What a bummer!

I’m now on my way to the last place on my list, Tufi Dive in the Oro Provence. Tufi is beautiful and secluded, much like the rest of Papua New Guinea. Surrounded by incredible fjord landscapes and a variety of wildlife, I’m quite sure Tufi will quench my thirst for adventure!

The highlight of my trip will be two days exploring the tiny villages near Tufi. The real reasons I’ve wanted to visit Papua New Guinea since I was 12 years old are to experience a village; get to know the people; eat the food and learn about the culture. Had my other plans not fallen through, I might have missed one of the best experiences of my entire adventure. It just goes to show that everything works out in the end – we just have to be open to it! Thank you Tufi, for making it all work for out me.

Next stop…Papua New Guinea via Sydney!

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