Park City Outdoor Fitness

Park City Outdoor Fitness 

I’m thrilled to offer Park City my specialty outdoor fitness journeys. It’s been a long six weeks, hasn’t it? The lives of our friends and loved one’s were in danger, we lost jobs and our ski season was cut short too! Even so, now that Stay at Home Restrictions have been lifted for Summit County it’s time to dust ourselves off and venture out.

Now we face a new era of health and well-being. We’ve all just experienced a forced re-treat together, however Spring is a good time for a real retreat: a time set apart for healing and restoration.

Sol Fitness Adventures Active Journeys

Our fitness menu is simple. Choose from a 90-minute or 3-hour guided experience. You can book your own private session customized to your needs or schedule an outing for up to 4 friends. We’re happy to work with families of 6 – 10 for an additional cost. Sorry, but until Utah and Summit County reach Phase Three of COVID-19 restrictions, we won’t work with groups larger than 10 people.

90-minute Park City Outdoor Fitness Journey

Our shortest fitness journey combines a guided hike with a mind/body workout and stretch. You’ll feel both energized and relaxed as you pause to reconnect to yourself and the natural landscapes of Park City.

15-minute Warm Up

A quick warm up combines breath work with classic mindfulness and core exercises. Together we’ll get the blood circulating, quiet the monkey mind and move those muscles. You’ll be focused and present, ready to explore and reap the health benefits of Mother Nature’s Gym.

60-minute Adventure in Mother Nature’s Gym

Three Season Hiking + Forest Bathing Meditation

Have you ever heard of the Nature Cure? Get ready for an encounter with your own ‘green mind’ as we hike through the forest, allowing our 5 senses to do what they do best: tune into nature to lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and relax the mind as we reunite and energize the body. Even amidst the changing season, there is life-affirming creativity abounding in every footstep. 

15-minute Cool Down / Stretch

You’ve worked very hard! Proper rest and recovery allows the nervous system to ‘down-regulate. We’ll teach you a few relaxing exercises that you can take home with you and do anywhere.

3-hour Park City Outdoor Fitness Journey

Fitness is more than just a gym workout—it’s a way of life! Here at Sol Fitness Adventures and WebbWell, we return to our human roots as we move in harmony with nature. This fitness journey combines three potent ingredients to help you reconnect with the power of your body and Mother Nature: 1) mat-based core, functional workout, 2) seasonal outdoor activity such as hiking or snowshoeing, and 3) mindfulness exercise to fully tap into the healing power of the outdoors.

The flow of this journey goes like this:

45-minute Work it Out

This short workout pairs with and prepares the body for the outdoor activity. Choose from a core/functional mat-based workout or strength training session in the gym, depending on your objectives. Indoor or outdoor location TBD based on seasonal conditions and guest objectives.

90-minute Adventure in Mother Nature’s Gym

We just ‘worked it out,’ now it’s time to play! Experience the beauty of our surroundings while hiking or snowshoeing, depending on the season. Tap into the relaxed and happy state of ‘Blue Mind’ while stand up paddling. Feel the stress dissolve as your blood pressure drops during a ‘Forest Bathing’ hike. Ultimately, experience how spending time in nature makes you healthier, happier, and better at what you do.

45-minute Stretch and Relax

Gentle movement meets mindfulness in this restorative flow. Designed to heighten mind and body awareness as you unwind from the work of the day. Indoor or outdoor location TBD based on seasonal conditions and guest objectives.


Melanie saved my fitness and sanity during the Covid-shutdown with her creative approach to fitness! She combined her scientific knowledge of the benefits of outdoor exercise and created fresh air, social-distanced workouts. Her instruction helped me escape my routine and develop new options to stay strong into the future. I will take what I am learning from Melanie, both in outlook and expertise, and transform my regimen. – Deanie W., Park City, Utah

Updated COVID-19 Protocols

Summit County has outlined Moderate Risk Guidelines. Additionally, our own operating procedures are designed to help keep everyone safe:

  1. All fitness levels welcome
  2. Experiences are 100% outdoors
  3. Meet your guide on site
  4. Maximum of 10 guests
  5. Payment in advance via Venmo or PayPal only
  6. You must provide and wear your own face masks
  7. You are responsible to bring your own water, snacks and yoga mats
  8. Six foot physical distance from the guide and anyone not in your household

About Melanie Webb


Park City Utah Retreat Facilitator Melanie Webb
Melanie Webb leads Park City Outdoor Fitness Journeys

Melanie Webb founded Sol Fitness Adventures in 2007 and added her private wellness retreat label WebbWell in 2019. She is a recognized leader in the adventure travel industry and an innovator in extending wellness retreats into the outdoors. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, ATHLETA Chi, Outside, New Beauty, IDEA Fitness Journal, Los Angeles Times and more.

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