Retreat to Red Mountain Resort: Active Recovery for the Athletes and the Power Players

Who needs active recovery? Everyone. In other words, that includes all of you athletes and the power players.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way every time I’ve been injured or faced with a chronic illness. Sometimes taking the best care of my body isn’t about doing the hardest or longest workout – it’s about balancing a workout that feels great with a few hours of much needed down time. Above all, as far and wide as I’ve searched I have yet to find ultimate wellness in a bottle. But there’s one practice that never lets me down, and that’s when I Retreat to Mother Nature’s Gym.


There’s one more day to register for Retreat to Mother Nature’s Gym Fitness Retreat, November 8 – 10 at Red Mountain Resort near St. George, Utah.

Red Mountain Resort Fitness Retreat with Melanie Webb

Why choose St. George for an active recovery fitness retreat? Well, because the red sands of southern Utah ‘run through my veins’ and are a part of my DNA. It’s where my Swiss ancestors learned to live in harmony with their Mojave Desert surroundings and Native American neighbors. Moreover, it’s where I started my college education, where I spent three years working to save the endangered native fish of the Virgin River and where I return to re-invigorate my body, mind, and spirit.

There’s something about the red rock and the lava fields that sparks the fire in my soul, fills me with love and a sense of awe about life. Yes, staying fit and active is what I do and is a fun way to engage with others. But it’s the feeling of the Desert Mind – the awe, love, and support – that I want to share with you in November.

I hope to see you there!

Retreat to Mother Nature’s Gym requires two transactions:

  • Retreat Registration of $625 exclusively at Eventbrite: Retreat to Mother Nature’s Gym

  • Early bird pricing of $156/night + tax ends Friday, October 18. Lock in your reservation by calling Red Mountain Resort at 877-246-4453 and mentioning the Melanie Webb Fitness Retreat.

Included in retreat registration:

  • Indoor and outdoor guided fitness and adventure programming with active recovery in mind.
  • Saturday lunch and dinner.
  • Friday night opening ceremonies: Stars and S’mores (must be a registered hotel guest to attend)
  • Saturday night gathering: Mojave Rhythms Drum Circle (must be a registered hotel guest to attend)
  • Full access to Red Mountain Resort amenities, including indoor and seasonal outdoor pools, walking trails, and strength and conditioning rooms.
  • A signed copy of Adventure’s in Mother Nature’s Gym… + more.

Visit for the full itinerary.

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