Return of the Wanna-Be Paddleboarder

This picture is of Greg “Suggs” Miller, my real surfer/paddleboarder friend who is gracious enough to let me, the wanna-be, tag along and paddle around on his 9:Fish 12-footer. He looks a lot better at this point than I do with my newbie stance.

Greg and I traded-off every 30 minutes, so I spent a little more time on the board this time. I thought I was doing a good job using my abs to generate most of the strength until my arms fatigued during my last lap and I ended up taking the plunge in the C & O Canal pond. I always did want to take a swim there, but doing so at it’s currently low levels due to a breech in one of the locks isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

I must have been doing something right, though, because I woke up today with a sore middle back and saw that my abs and obliques were a little more defined (here comes the six-pack!). This week the goal will be to strengthen my paddling muscles even more: dumbbell curls for my biceps, rear-delt pulls for my shoulders, and something to strengthen my forearm grip. There’s hope for me yet!

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