Travel Wellness Program: Side Lunge

 Week Two, Day Four: Side Lunge

The side lunge is the second exercise to learn in an entire matrix of possible movements. Visualize lunging forward, backward, and side to side, and then any combination of angle in between. The goal in practicing this type of ‘functional’ movement pattern is to be able to use it easily and effortlessly in real life. You’ve seen this move before – on the volleyball court, the baseball field, diving after a hat that’s been caught in the wind.

Make sure you’ve mastered the standing lunge before moving on to this angle.

Start Position: Stand tall. Inhale. Smile!

Side Lunge Start
Sol’s Melanie gets ready to side lunge








Side Lunge: Take a big, lunging step to one side and plant the entire foot. Bend the knee, but keep it behind the toes. The other leg remains straight. Sit back, as if reaching the butt for a chair. Return to the standing position by pushing off of the bent leg as you exhale.

*Modification: If you have knee pain, be careful not to bend too low in the knee. Do not let the knee slide sideways away from the foot. Stay out of the range of motion that causes pain.

Side Lunge Finish
Side lunges improve balance and strength in sideways movements





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