Ski and Snowboard Training

Ski and Snowboard Training Class

Say what Utah skiers and snowboarders? Winter finally hit but you’re not feeling fit for the hills? Whether your legs turned to jelly your first day out, you had to stop and catch your breath in the middle of the run, or you’re an expert who wants to prevent injury and ride out the season, this ski and snowboard training class is for you! In this six week series you will:

  • Build core strength
  • Increase speed, agility, and quickness
  • Improve muscular strength and flexibility
  • Train with fun skiers and snowboarders like yourself

Our ski and snowboard training class is designed to send you to the slopes feeling strong and confident. With added core strength you’ll see improvement in your technique as well as your performance. Increased speed, agility, and quickness will help you respond and react to changing conditions on the mountain – and avoid collisions. As your muscles become stronger and more flexible your recovery time will decrease, helping you feel better and get back on the mountain quicker.

Visit SLC Fit Collective to sign up online: ski and snowboard training

Any skier or snowboarder knows this sport is more than a lifestyle – it’s an investment. Whether you ski solo, with friends, or family, your time and resources are precious. Taking the time to train sport specific muscles and movements helps prevent injury, keeping you safe AND protecting your investment.

Thanks to our local sponsors everyone who attends will receive FREE swag from ATHLETA. Complete the entire six week ski and snowboard training series and receive a FREE lift pass to Solitude and be entered to win one of 3 FREE demos from SLC’s own dps skis and compression recovery wear from SKINS.

ski and snowboard training
Sol’s ski and snowboard conditioning class at SLC Fit Collective

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