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Introducing Sol Guide, by Melanie Webb: Online Learning to Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Long before fitness clubs and one-hour workouts, smart phones or wearable technology there were three things: mind, body, and nature. Sol Guide helps you apply that hard-earned gym fitness to a real world journey that connects you back – to the powerful state of being our human ancestors knew so well. So gather the children, message your friends and tell all your clients –

Fitness is more than a gym workout – it’s a way of life!

The Sol Guide Method
The Sol Guide Method

The Sol Guide Method

Sol Guide online training will help you plan and lead challenging, fun, and safe outdoor fitness experiences. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, fitness professional, or a new outdoor guide, Sol Guide will teach you to:

  • Combine fitness exercises with outdoor activities to maximize health
  • Use stress-reduction techniques and connect with the outdoors
  • Develop the skill-set of an outdoor fitness leader
  • Reduce risks and navigate legal requirements
  • Earn extra income leading your own fitness retreats

What you Get

  • 40+ instructional exercise videos to enhance any outdoor pursuit
  • Fun, engaging, entertaining learning activities
  • Mobile device friendly platform so you can learn on your own time
  • Personal and business development tool kits
  • Instruction from the industry leader in fitness retreats

Coming Summer of 2015

Become a licensed Sol Guide!

After you’ve completed the Sol Guide Online Training you can attend Sol Guide two-day teacher training and take your passion for fitness and the outdoors to a whole new level. You’ll gain the hands-on experience to plan and lead your own fitness adventures, design warm up and cool down exercises, plan logistics and guide outdoor activities. Join Melanie Webb’s tribe of licensed Sol Guides and return home ready to share your active lifestyle with others.

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