Spring Equinox 2012

Welcome the new season! Today is the Spring Equinox, celebration of new beginnings, planting seeds, and fostering our connection between Mother Earth and the Heavens. It’s been a long winter, full of hard work and anticipation, and I’m currently enjoying a visit to my former home in Santa Barbara, California, a place I lovingly describe to friends as an environment “where the Creator went crazy and demonstrated his best creations on the earth.”

I welcomed spring by trying an ancient form of mind/body exercise that I’ve been curious about. A friend took me to a Qigong class taught by Dr. Roger Jahnke of the Santa Barbara Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Buddhist temple this morning. In addition to the relaxing movements, Dr. Jahnke said something that caught my attention, and that I’ll incorporate into my Pranayama and core fitness work. He suggested visualizing a seed, either in solar plexus or heart region, sending a root down to the earth, grounding me, and a stalk up through the blue sky and into space and stars, receiving the guidance and power of Heaven. I inhaled the creative powers of Mother Earth and the inspiration of Heaven, and as I exhaled, visualized the root and stalk extending ever further.

It was a beautiful practice and after the hour was over I was grateful that I’d taken the time to nurture my mind and body with Qigong. I encourage you to try it as you view Dr. Jahnke in this short four-minute YouTube video.

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