Stand Up Paddle Carbonerro

Stand Up Paddle Carbonerro

So you liked your first stand up paddling session and want to get into the sport? Chris Gutzeit of Carbonerro paddles is back to tell you how to get the skills you need to improve.

Part 2. Take a Stand Up Paddling Lesson

You can learn a lot from a pro. The world’s best athletes still have a sport coach to help them improve their sport-specific skills and train with an expert personal trainer to stay physically fit. Chris recommends supporting your local small business owner by taking a lesson from an established rental shop in your area.

A good instructor will teach you:

  • How to paddle
  • How to surf and catch waves
  • How to stay safe
  • How to select the gear that’s right for you

Want to know more about SUP gear? Chris tells you how in Part 3, learn to stand up paddle.

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