Stand Up Paddle Board Santa Barbara

My birthday came 1 month early this year, and what a way to treat myself! After 2 years on my want list, the shiny shaped red and white Paddle Surf Hawaii Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP!) is finally mine, all mine. No more borrowing and begging. I’ve come along way – 2,768 miles, to be exact – from paddling the inflatable with my buddy Suggz and the Potomac Boardrats on the Potomac River to the aquamarine hues of the Pacific Ocean on the Central Coast of California, and couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to my new friends Barney and Chris at Blueline Stand Up Paddle Surf in Santa Barbara for outfitting me with my latest gearhead indulgence. The appetite has been satisfied. Now, waiting for the wind and white caps to die down so I can get out on the water and go for a paddle!

Who’s up for a paddle?

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