The Wilderness Act

Yesterdays NY Times article, ‘Ah, Wilderness’ has created a buzz on Facebook this morning among outdoor enthusiasts. The author questions the management decisions of U.S. Forest Service administrators to continue to refuse to add signage in certain wilderness areas, even after hikers and skiers have died from getting lost. It’s a dilemma that all of us who love wilderness have to confront at some point as we pursue our passion. We know and accept that if we venture to go there, into the wild unknown, we’re on our own. Those of us who live this lifestyle have accepted and live with the risks – because we can’t live without them.

But what about the less experienced traveler who wants to experience the wilderness, but isn’t qualified to do it on their own? These are the good folks the well-meaning author of the NY Times article had in mind. And I agree with him that these are the people who can benefit by finding an outdoor guide to take them there and show them the ropes of staying safe in the wilderness. The U.S. government issues and regulates commercial permits to the most qualified guides. The newbie explorer canĀ  experience all the wonders and solitude of the outdoors under the sound instruction of someone who is passionate about teaching the skills and sharing the lifestyle.

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