‘Tis the Season

The summer harvest is drawing to a close and I’m feeling mighty pleased with myself for being so ‘green.’ I don’t mean jealous, either. What I do mean is ‘green’ in all the trendy ways – urban gardening, energy conservation, healthy eating, and exercising. Instead of getting in my car to drive to the grocery store for some potato chips, I jumped on my bike and pedaled the 4 miles to my little garden oasis, where I picked 20 tomatoes, three 3-foot long zucchini, and a grocery bag full of swiss chard, basil, and other herbs and lettuces. Getting all of the delicious food home without being smashed or cut was the tricky part. I loaded the tomatoes at the bottom of my pack, put the greens on top, and strapped the zucchini on the outside, where it could hang over my shoulder and hit me in the face on my ride up a steep hill. It was the Vermont version of a French baguette.

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