Triathlon Training 101 – Stack the Relay Team

Speedy Sistah’s – that’s the name of our relay team for the Smith Mountain Lake sprint triathlon that is now only two weeks away. I showed up for the same race last year before I realized something – I don’t like to swim and I still haven’t recovered from flying over my handlebars and ending up in the ER while training for my first adventure race two years ago!

This year I found the solution – a relay team, stacked with a former collegiate swimmer and an equally competitive and experienced biker. Enter Elana and Sue, Sol’s truly Speedy Sistah’s. At 10 and 6 years younger than me, respectively, I’m counting on them to build and secure a large lead to compensate for my older, banged-up runner’s knees. Once it’s my turn to run, my goal is simply to hang on to that lead and not let anyone pass me.

We signed up for the race about two weeks ago, which gives us 4 weeks total to train. Now, the average athlete might be a little wary of that fact; but fortunately for us, the three of us are personal trainers, with high baseline fitness levels and competitive egos to match. I’m predicting a win!

– Melanie

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