Urban Gardening

My friends are always asking how an adventurous westerner like me can stand living in such an urban, geographically flat, and might I add green, city like D.C.
Well, there are a lot of ways to cope, one of which is the urban garden plot I share with two of my fitness clients. My name was on a seemingly endless wait list to acquire my own plot, when, lucky me, Fritz and Kathlene told me they would be traveling this summer and needed some help in their Rock Creek Park garden.

I spend a lot of time puttering around, getting my hands dirty, picking basil and arugula. I even found some new, exciting trails to run nearby.
Who says D.C. isn’t wild? I’ve seen foxes, deer, and shoot, some type of vermin actually ate my radishes by burrowing under them!

What makes the garden even more fun is being able to share it with the inner-city youth group that I work with. This week 12 year olds Chineyere and Jessica helped me water and harvest, and even learned about composting. The reward for their labor was a delicious, organic, home-grown meal that they prepared themselves.

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