Zion National Park Backpacking Trip

What does one say after an encounter with the wild like we experienced on Sol’s Zion National Park backpacking trip last week? The excitement alone makes everyday life feel mundane, the spectrum of canyon reds fades all the green of the city to colorless. I feel like I’m coming off of a high.

I think everyone will agree that we found the adventure we were seeking. The trip as a whole was a success, the synopsis of which could be told in one fluid story; but in-between the lines are any number of sub-chapters – miniature moments of survival in their own right – and it’s here where I want to begin.

Read along as I post a Zion canyoneering story a day for the next five days, with Sol’s Adventurers adding their commentary, stories, and pictures. You can add your own comments and survival stories by clicking in the comment section below.

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