Stand Up Paddle Core Fitness

Summer is almost here! Time for Stand Up Paddle Core Fitness.

Here’s a sampling for those of you who can’t wait to join me. Tip: Try these moves on dry land first, then take it to the water.

The Squat. Move from the hips first, keep the knees over the ankles, chest lifted toward the sky, and eyes forward.

Stand up paddle core fitness

The Lunge. A lunge is a great balance test on both land and water. Keep the knees bent at 90 degrees and over the ankles, chest and eyes lifted. Complete a set on one leg before switching sides. Have fun with this one!

Stand up paddle core fitness

The Plank. One of my favorite core strengthening moves. Keep the shoulders over the wrists, hips lifted slightly, pelvis tucked toward your ribcage and the belly button lifted toward the sky. Don’t forget to keep the neck aligned by looking straight down with the eyes. Hold as long as you can!

Downward Facing Dog. Even if you’re not a regular yoga practitioner, chances are you’ve seen this position before. From a plank position, push your “sit bones” up to the sky, straightening the arms. Pull the knee caps up toward the hips. Drive the heels toward the board and look at your belly button with your eyes. Relax. Feel the wait settle into your palms and evenly throughout the fingers. Breathe. Complete three breaths. Feels so good!

Shirt and shorts: ATHLETA

Paddle: Carbonerro’s El Doble

Board: Laird

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