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Help others get healthy, relieve stress, and heal in nature. Consulting services for mind/body professionals and wellness real estate projects.

Outdoor Fitness Retreat

Lead your own Outdoor Fitness Retreat

My new book series Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym teaches how to help your clients reclaim that instinctive and wild part of the human experience – adventure!

Park City Utah Retreat Facilitator Melanie Webb

Melanie Webb, Founder of Sol Fitness Adventures

The New Fitness Solution

Sol Fitness Adventures has been sharing expertly crafted outdoor fitness retreats and active vacations with wellness travelers for over a decade. DEPARTURES Magazine named Melanie Webb “The person to call for travel in Utah’s National Parks.” The Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym book series shares Melanie’s Sol Guide Method and helps others nurture a connection to body, mind, spirit, and nature.

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