Wellness Real Estate at the Texas Trails & Active Transportation Conference

Wellness Real Estate Trends at the Texas Trails & Active Transportation Conference

Sol’s Melanie will be presenting on Wellness Real Estate Trends at the Texas Trails & Active Transportation Conference.

We’ll explore the new Wellness Real Estate Lifestyle trend in this session. Creating opportunities for outdoor fitness and nature encounters can help reduce the impact of four of the major health epidemics facing American’s today.

Wellness Real Estate Trends and Mother Nature's Gym
Adding opportunities to encounter nature and outdoor fitness are key to successful wellness real estate developments.

The goal of this session is to get you thinking outside of the box. You’ll catch the vision of putting people’s health at the center of planning and development. The ultimate objective is to help you create more connections within your own communities. Indeed, we all know that while business and industry may operate in a silo, we as humans—don’t.

This interactive workshop will help you:

  1. Describe health challenges facing your community.
  2. Identify potential partners in various industries.
  3. Outline an outdoor fitness retreat for your community.

Wellness Real Estate at a Glance

Individuals across various industries are working to strengthen the connection between our health and the outdoors. By working together we can expand our influence for good. You will leave this session not only knowing what the wellness real estate trends are, but with a few concrete examples and ideas that you can put into action right away.

The date of the conference was moved from March to October 2020 because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Following the fallout of the Corona Virus, this will be a hot topic. Clearly the role of nature in community health and well-being could never be more important.

About Melanie Webb

Melanie Webb, Author and Wellness Retreat Facilitator
Melanie Webb is the founder of Sol Fitness Adventures and luxury wellness retreat label WebbWell.

Melanie Webb is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, published author, and founder of Sol Fitness Adventures and WebbWell. Melanie is a recognized leader in the adventure travel industry and an innovator in extending wellness retreats into the outdoors. Her work has been featured nationally on Good Morning America and on ATHLETA Chi, Outside, New Beauty, IDEA Fitness Journal, Los Angeles Times and more. Melanie’s book, Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym, is available now.


Oct 15 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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