Day 2: Zion Canyoneering Guides

Aaron Ogden is one of Sol’s favorite Zion canyoneering guides. He’s busy hiking the slot canyon at the moment, but you can enjoy this journal excerpt from his last trip.

“Hiking terrain is beautiful. This is truly one of God’s wonders, such diverse terrain: steep sandy hills, scorching red rock vistas…towering plateaus, and water eroded canyons – truly amazing!

Hiking in this heat is beginning to take its toll on my body and brain. My thoughts are so scattered:
Good thing I brought plenty of tape to wrap the sole of the boot back onto the boot; wish Steph could have come;
I stink;
my thoughts are all over the place;
this is beautiful country;
Nan owes me a couple more choice words;
how in the hell do you say cairns?
Mel’s arms are freak’n ripped;
it’s good to be away from the city;
my sweat doesn’t taste very good;
how was the earth created?
how was that notch formed?
that peak reminds me of an ice cream cone;
I miss my kids already;
it is f#@$ing hot!
I hope it doesn’t rain, I didn’t bring the rain fly.

Click to view pictures of Sol Fitness Adventures Redrock Backpacker: Southwestern, Utah trip.

Aaron Ogden lives in Salt Lake City, is a personal trainer, and runs an outdoor fitness program for kids.

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