Old Rag Virginia Hike

She’s a good old mountain, Old Rag. At just over 3,200 ft, Old Rag is the highest elevation within a 2 hour drive of D.C. and well worth the trip. With spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and open fields below, the hike was great training for my upcoming Utah backpacking trip.

Sol Sistah Elana is finding her land legs now that her days of being a nationally ranked collegiate open water swimmer are over. She used her endurance power and athletic focus to overcome her asthmatic lungs and we made record time on Saturday – until we ran into a line of hikers waiting to pass through the rocky narrows. Elana and I both focused on our lats to make sure our lax shoulders stayed in the sockets (it’s easy when you’re expert personal trainers) as we shimmied our way up and out of the boulders and to the top of a gorgeous summer day.

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