Holistic Body Treatments: Massage

What do you think of when you hear the word massage? The word may conjur a sexy connotation for some, while others envision sheer torture by a 400 pound member of the same – or opposite, there’s no gender bias here folks – sex (UGH!). Whichever it is, I recommend adding massage to your regimen of holistic body treatments.

Just like any specialty, there is an assortment to suit your style: hot stone, therapeutic, swedish, deep tissue, lomi lomi, thai, and the list goes on. As Ray commented on my Rolfing blog earlier, there is also ‘Heather-ing’ (insert the name of your massage therapist here) a style peculiar to certain therapists who resort to the elbow to release stubborn knots from the muscles. If you don’t mind sweating bullets, ‘Heather-ing’ might be for you. If not, I suggest sticking with one of the more conventional methods.

Right now I’m working out 5 or 6 days a week. Without a few massages a month my body would begin to look and feel like a tightrope. I’ve been able to bounce back quicker and keep a more sculpted look to my muscles with the help of Moimusa, my gifted masseuse. He’s a former pro triathlete, a pilates instructor, and soon-to-be athletic trainer, so the man knows his stuff. His approach is one of healing, aided by the earthy aroma of burning ipswich root and soulful sounds of sultry female vocalists.

Just like Personal Trainers, there are all kinds of Massage Therapists running around. If you’re looking for a therapist who specializes in the American fare, I suggest checking their credentials for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork stamp of approval.

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