Morocco Fitness Retreat

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. I’ve been too busy training for my trip to Morocco! (Ahem, and helping all of my Washington clients stay fit and healthy during and after ’08 election mania).

At long last, I’m taking an outdoor adventure trip for fun. My friend Jen and I are creating our own Morocco Fitness Retreat, which means we’ll be getting a few layers of skin scrubbed off in women-only hammams in Fez (that’s Moroccan for ‘turkish bath’), eating scrumptious lamb kebabs and cous cous instead of Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing in Marrakech, and hiking Mt. Toubkal, the 14,000+ft peak in the High Atlas range.

I’ll be taking along my newest and favorite piece of gear, the SPOT Satellite Messenger. This GPS-sized unit acts as an emergency beacon when necessary and allows others to view your location online. If you like to get into the wild I highly recommend this little gem.

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