National Parks Remain Open

Close call by the U.S. Congress – they came to agreed budget cuts about an hour before midnight last night. It looks like Sol’s season of Zion backpacking trips has been spared!
This explanation of what gets cut during a government shut down from NPR:

Parks And Recreation

The 394 sites administered by the National Park Service would close their gates. People showing up for Saturday’s National Cherry Blossom Festival would be out of luck, while upcoming events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War at places such as Fort Sumter and Gettysburg would be canceled.

Roads that pass through large parks such as Yellowstone and Gettysburg would remain open, while the parklands themselves would be off limits. Law enforcement personnel would remain on duty throughout the park system.

Most other parks personnel would be sent home, but those who provide essential services would still be working. For example, the National Zoo in Washington would be closed to the public, but about 70 percent of the staff would still be on hand to care for and tend to the animals, according to a zoo spokeswoman.

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