So Long, LONG Neck

So much for all of the work I’ve been doing on my body alignment. I was beginning to think I’d added an inch to my height, but now I must be a full two inches shorter. It’s the day after my stand-up paddleboarding excursion and I feel like the cartoon character who got hammered into the ground over and over until he was completely flat.

I forgot to mention that in order to get the paddleboard in the water one must first portage the 9 foot, 23 pound beast on one’s head from the parking lot to the river. I wondered which was worse, the screaming fire of fatique in my shoulders or the creaking compression in my neck. I think my headache and sore neck clue me in to the right answer.

Clearly I am not cut out for carrying buckets of water on my head, but a paddleboard? How do the kayakers make it look so easy?

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