Denver Life Magazine Stand Up Paddles Lake Powell with Sol

Stand Up Paddle Lake Powell

Several months ago I joined the Utah Travel Council to stand up paddle Lake Powell with their media guests and Matt Johnston of SupLove. I’d spent much of the past year traveling – from attending conferences in Mexico and Switzerland with other tour operators, bloggers, and members of the media to leading fitness retreats in 8 different States. The journalists were in for 5 days of jam-packed encounters with spectacular venues and crazy desert rats like me.

We all knew that while the journalists stepped into my office off-the-grid at Lake Powell with its endless views of 250 million years of geologic history, their deadlines back at the office wouldn’t stop ticking. For the brief time I had with my guests, including Alison Roth from Denver Life Magazine, I wanted time to stand still. We set out on the water just before the fall sun set and cast its golden rays against the reflective stony backdrop of Lone Rock. I watched tension subside as the journalists submitted to the quiet calm of the water, warmed by the sun and accepting of my invitation to meditate for a moment.

Sol Fitness Adventures Stand Up Paddle Lake Powell
Stand Up Paddlers Pause to Meditate with Sol’s Melanie Webb at Lake Powell

Download the article here: Sol in Denver Life Magazine


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