Travel Wellness: Plank

Week One, Day Four: Plank

Ah, the plank, a personal trainer’s best weapon to torture a client with nothing more than a person’s own body weight! Don’t shy away from this one. Plank is a total body exercise in one simple move and the traveler wellness program will build off of this foundation.

Beginners: Start in a kneeling position. Place hands under the shoulders. Lift the knees off the ground until the body is straight like a ‘plank board. Hold up to 10 – 15 seconds.

Advanced: Start lying flat on your stomach. Place hands under the shoulders. Engage the abdominals first by drawing your navel to the spine. Push your body up until there is a straight line between the shoulders, knees, and ankles. Hold up to 3 minutes.

Melanie Webb demonstrates Plank Pose


Caution: Don’t forget to breathe! Although plank is an ‘isometric’ exercise (one that is held static vs. lengthening and shortening of a muscle), holding the breath during is proven to increase blood pressure.

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