England’s Three Most Unusual Destinations for the Fitness Buff

Experience the quirkiness of British culture while staying fit!

When people think of traveling to London, their itineraries often include nothing but visits to museums and parks, traveling to architectural sites and visiting historical monuments. However, for the people looking for adrenaline-filled extreme sports and outdoor activities, England may not be the most obvious choice of destination.

Unbeknownst to many, and even to England’s own inhabitants, there is a host of unusual workout places in London that could turn the city into every fitness buff’s dream. And the best part? These three destinations also fulfill the dreams we had as children!

1. Climb a Victorian Castle

Anyone who’s ever dreamt of playing in a castle should check out The Castle Climbing Centre, an indoor climbing center built inside an old Victorian building that used to be a water pumping station. The Castle is easily accessible via train, bus, or subway, and they’re open from 12pm-10pm on weekdays and 10am-7pm on weekends. The grounds have also been awarded numerous sustainability awards in the past few years. To get to the Castle, you need to go to Manor House (Picadilly Line) tube station, take exit 3 and walk down Green Lanes. The facility is a towering building at 200 feet high, so you can’t miss it.

2. Learn the Ancient Art of Kung Fu

All children dream of someday being worthy of the title of “Kung Fu master”, but England is probably the last place they ever expected to learn the disciplines of martial arts. The aptly named Kung Fu Schools are among the highest recommended schools in all of England, and it also has a rather convenient location. It’s even accessible directly from Gatwick airport, which parking4less.com documents as having its own train station that runs up to 12 trains per hour. Taking the train to one of the Kung Fu Schools should take less than 30 minutes. With friendly staff and a purposefully-built facility, it’s a great place to visit within your first few days in England.

3. Fly High in Regent’s Park

Everyone, at some point has dreamt of running off to join the circus? Thanks to Gorilla Circus, residents of London can experience the high life with flying trapeze lessons. In the summer, the school is located in Regent’s Park, and in the winter, it relocates to Hanger Arts Trust in North Greenwich. The school offers two-hour lessons to children as young as 8 and adults as old as 78! The school is located west of the zoo in Regent’s Park, close to the St. Johns Wood and Chalk Farm tube stations.

Young and old can expect to experience thrills and adrenaline rushes in England. With activities that promise not only an excellent full-body workout but the accomplishment of childhood dreams as well, England is one of the best places for extraordinary outdoor fun.

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