Cycling California Wine Country

I’m in training for an upcoming cycling trip near Austin, Texas. Time to switch gears and spend some time in the saddle. What better place than in the heart of California wine country – Los Alamos.

With any number of flats and canyon roads to choose from, we peddled our way down the main town drag and then through several wineries. Old western buildings downtown date from the 1880’s and now house art galleries and fabulous eateries. Fledgling grape vines lined-up in perfect rows, each marked with a bright red rose bush at the end. With the sun shining warm on my skin even the strong headwind couldn’t dampen my mood, although it did significantly add to my time on the simple 15 mile loop.

Site of many a century, this area over the hill from Santa Barbara is well-known for it’s fantastic biking. Next time you plan a trip to the ‘left coast,’ plan to take a bike ride through Central California. Burn some calories first, and then hit that wine-tasting tour you’ve been dreaming about!


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