Egosque Method on the Golf Channel

Golf FitnessI can’t think of a sport that tweaks and contorts the body more than golf. The mechanics of the swing seem so simple, yet they are oh-so complex. The combination of rotation, torque, and force generated on the spine during the swing is tremendous.

That’s why I’m very pleased to see that the Golf Channel is running a golf fitness series presented by Egosque clinic trainers to address the specific needs of golfers. Shows begin Monday May 2 at 6:30 pm ET.

The Egosque Method is a helpful tool in my training of competitive golfers, including the top ladies at the Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara. Exercises address common imbalances in the body, including hip rotations, shoulder drops, and excessive curvatures of the spine. You’ll learn simple movements that can be used right away to strengthen and support the spine and improve golf performance.

Most important, the method emphasizes the human, god-given ability to tune-in and heal yourself. It’s originator, Greg Egosque, is a no-nonsense U.S. veteran who also happens to be the healer of top golfer Greg Norman. His approach to follow the pain and take responsibility for your body is one that we all can, and should adopt.

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