Stand Up Paddle Gear

Part 3: Picking the Right Stand Up Paddling Gear

“First you try it, then you buy it,” says stand up paddle instructor and Carbonerro innovator Chris Gutzeit. “Having the right gear is critical to your performance. Even the best paddlers can lose a competition if they aren’t using the right gear.” Chris tells you what you need to know to buy the right gear for you.


  • Paddles. Not all paddles are alike. Pick the paddle that fits your size and skill. Carbonerro makes the first line of paddles that takes size and strength into consideration. With blade widths ranging from 55 to 155 sq inches, slight-framed women and even kids can get into the action. This California personal trainer’s personal favorite: the 75 in Hot Tamale (oh yeah!).
  • Stand Up Paddle Board. Board shapes are made for different styles of riding. Where will you be riding – on a rocky river, speed racing on a lake, or catching waves in the ocean? Pick the board shape that’s right for your style, and that fits your size. And if you want to buy the keeper board now, pick up Carbonnero’s training rails while you learn.

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